” I like people who have a sense of indivduality.
I love expression and anything awkward and imperfect, because that’s natural and that’s real.”
– Marc Jacobs
I’m Lily and I will be devoting the next 4.5 years to studying a very nerdy and somewhat scary sounding “DOUBBLEEEE DEGREEE” – I can just imagine  Superintendent Chalmers – you know? From ‘The Simpsons’?.. Awkwarddd if you don’t. Not really. But seriously.. Bachelor of Arts (Politics, Spanish, Cultural Studies) and a Bachelor of Journalism (Communications) is the go for me!
Commuter – I live in Bowral (Southern Highlands) which if any of you have been to before the average age is about 60… So as you can tell I clearly have an exciting life. Hah. My mum lives in Coogee too – I live at home at my dads, so I’ve gotten to know public transport quite well recently (considering I still haven’t gotten my P’s and should be on my Greens by now)… It’s like going on a diet.. You always say you’ll start tomorrow. 
I lived in Sydney for Year 10 and year 11 and altogether went to FOUR different high schools from Year 7-12! 
Favourite Beatle? My vote goes to Ringo, no one likes him really and he has the same birthday as me – I adore The Beatles but I think they are all so individually talented. I just feel for Ringo sometimes. I think that’s fair!
Tea is pretty groovy
A girl with a guitar… Who sings. Yes, hold your breath… “Sigh” There’s another one.
Both my parents are High School Teachers, but no they don’t do my homework for me.. All the time………….
Oh yeah, I’m 18..
Sarcastic? What? Me? Never…
Pretty shy actually, and kinda awkward
I make kick ass Rocky Road
I have a record collection of over 250!
Yes, I’m a doodler.. if you sit next to me in a lecture you’ll understand.
Why Communications? I’m pretty involved in my area in music/sport and have been for quite some time. Contacting, Blogging and Communication between all sorts of people has been an aspect of my life I continue to be involved in and hopefully will be able to find a career in someday. As many of you I assume.. I don’t really know what I want to do but I think studying subjects that I have an interest in is certainly a start. Oh and my Sister is studying education so maybe someone in the family who wasn’t a teacher might be a good idea? (Shh don’t tell anyone that my second preference was education 😉 )
Favourite Movie? Almost Famous
Favourite TV Couple? Ben and Lesley from Parks and Recreation!
Favourite all time TV show? As cliche’ as it may be, nothing will ever beat this wonderful group of people.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Lily – I love Almost Famous too! Tiny suggestion – move the pink at the left so your text doesn’t overlap – it’s hard for us old coots to read when there’s a busy background… just a style suggestion…

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