BCM110 classes and lectures over the past 6 weeks has actually been my favourite thing about uni so far. I’ve been able to write about things I’m not only interested in to do with the media but also the media’s involvement politically – which is appropriate as I’m a politics major  in my arts degree! So, my other subjects and interests have all become intertwined in this blog.

Some of the ‘ideas’ (concepts, theories and issues) about the media that have interested me in the media are:

– Rupert Murdoch’s involvement in the media and ‘media control’ in Australia.

– Propaganda, ‘Controlling the Ideology’.

– Historical aspects. The Frankfurt School, Herta Herzog.


However, at times there have been things that have puzzled me…

– What is the ‘Public Sphere’? Or the ‘Mediated Public Sphere’?

– The Moral Panic?

– Controversial Images

My tutorials have definitely helped me understand these concepts and my research has hopefully reflected this. Discussions in my tutorials, especially with the controversial images topic has helped me develop a deeper understanding of the role the media plays in today’s society and how ‘moral panic’ is created. Discussing with my peers and connecting on social network platforms (Twitter + Facebook) has made it much easier for us to all share our own work and to give and receive feedback. Thus, our work has become multilayered and is now a  much richer, detailed version of our originals. The readings provided every week have also enriched my understanding, especially with the concepts I’ve found puzzling. I’ve enjoyed researching and discovering other intellectuals opinions.

Thus, I have been able to respond to the challenges this assignment has thrown at me. The major challenge I faced was not being very technically skilled and connecting on a social network platform (Twitter) that was unknown for me. But, with helpful peers and WordPress tutorials I overcame this challenge and am now eager to blog outside of university life.


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