Do you see what I see?


This advertisement was meant to warn about the links between heavy drinking and rape. But in my opinion, failed to do so.

This image serves as a sign in terms of its denotion and connotation as it points its finger to the victim – the one they suggest we are to blame. The caption states “when your friends drink, they can end up making bad decisions”, thus shifting the blame away from the rapist and not only onto the victim but the victims friends as well? What the? I really hope I’m not the only one who sees this as morally wrong…..

 “She didn’t want to, but she couldn’t say no” could be viewed several ways. However, I believe this image suggests that the reason she couldn’t say no was because she had been drinking – and thus “made a bad choice”. This, again, is highlighting the idea that the victim is to blame.

This is an interesting article on sexual assaults and the limited impact alcohol has on them which i discovered while researching:

 This controversial image features a woman, only showing her legs and her underwear around her ankles on a bathroom floor. To me, this image shows the girl as nothing but helpless. Captioned is “decisions like that leave them vulnerable to dangers like date rape. Help your friends stay in control and stay safe. The juxtaposition of helplessness and “bad decisions” on the victims behalf is shocking. Situations like this is an act on the part of the rapist – not the victim.

However, because the image is controversial it did generate quite a bit of conversation in the public sphere. Arguably, creating more awareness.



One thought on “Do you see what I see?

  1. Wow, if I wasn’t able to read the text on the image I would think that the ‘model’ was advertising underwear or something. The whole image is in poor taste and I agree that this misses the mark in raising sexual assault awareness. As you said, it implies that if a victim is intoxicated and is sexually assaulted, it is his or her fault for being vulnerable in the first place. A ‘bad decision’ in sleeping with someone is one thing, but non-consenting sex is another. Alternatively, I guess you could say that it did generate discussion.

    I like the way your blog is concise and informative.

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